Teaching English in Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the most unique and off the beaten track places that teaching English can lead you. A truly mystical place nestled in the Himalayan mountains, this Buddhist country wants to make sure it will not be overrun by tourism, and charges $250/day to have the pleasure of experiencing their culture which includes land transport, accommodations, food and guide service.

In a country with a population of only 600,000, traveling to teach in Bhutan is bound to be a life changing opportunity that no one else you know has taken. Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan, and official language is Dzongkha. Fun things to do include viewing Archery competitions, Bhutan’s national sport, and attending authentic Buddhist festivals.

Discover Nick’s blog about the pains and joys of teaching in Bhutan, plus learn more about teaching English abroad in Bhutan with TESOL Certification.

Teach Abroad & Explore Santiago with TESOL Certification

Santiago is the Capital City of Chile, and surrounded by the Andes Mountains. The first tribes arrived in Chile by the Bering Strait, and probably the South Pacific, more than 10,000 years ago. Although recent archaeological finds would date the first migrations to 40,000 years.

Chile was the last area of the Americas to be populated by various Indian tribes, most notably the Mapuche (literally, “people of the Earth”) who were the most sophisticated civilization of the time. Around 1450, the Incas invaded Chile, but could never occupy the Mapuche territory. The Inca presence did not last long though, less than a century later the arrival of the Spaniards began a new era in Chile, with exploration and discovery of the Straits of Magellan. Today Chile is a thriving nation with friendly locals creating a strong demand for English teaching jobs.

Teaching English Online and Abroad in Kolkata

Kolkata is the cultural capital of India, and offer an unforgettable experience for those who choose to teach English in Kolkata. This vibrant city is know for a mix of languages, cultures, and provides an authentic unforgettable experience. Kolkata has a vast range of volunteer opportunities, and also offers teaching jobs at high end schools.

Discover 7 things you can’t miss in Kolkata, an excellent blog and great read for those thinking of India as their next teaching destination, and learn more about living and working in Kolkata with TESOL certification.

Teaching English Online and Abroad in Vietnam

The third largest city in Vietnam makes Hai Phong an ideal place to teach English. Not only are jobs easy to come by, but the cost of living is significantly less than it’s two larger neighbors. It does not carry the same metropolis feel either, which allows the daily joys of living in Asia to really shine through.

The city is also known for its prized beer and active bar scene. Teachers who land here are pleased to know they can easily save a bit of money, even though paychecks might be slightly less. Jennie loved living in Hai Pong, and shares the pros and cons in her blog.

Popular activities in Hai Phong:

  1. Visit the Du Hang Pagoda – a historical temple with intricate carvings and architecture
  2. Explore the Cat Ba Island – a beautiful island with stunning beaches and nature reserves
  3. Take a stroll through the Do Son Beach – a long sandy beach with lively seafood restaurants
  4. Visit the Poem Mountain – a scenic hill with panoramic views of the city and bay
  5. Visit the Hai Phong Museum – a museum showcasing the history and culture of the city
  6. Visit the Trang Kenh Communal House – a historical house built in the traditional Vietnamese style
  7. Enjoy a boat ride through the Lan Ha Bay – a stunning bay with countless islands, beaches and caves.
  8. Try the local street food – Hai Phong is famous for its delicious street food, including seafood dishes, grilled meats, and traditional desserts.

Learn more about teaching English in Hai Phong Vietnam with TESOL Certification.

Travel to Teach in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is known for its coffee and mountain peaks, and teaching in Sofia, the capital city, offers an opportunity to experience plenty of both. Located in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria boasts top writing and reading scores worldwide, but many are just recognizing the value of speaking English fluently, and thus a whole market of jobs has emerged.

Ariel participated in the U.S. Fullbright Student Program and loved her time in Bulgaria. Visit The Unintentional Explorer to discover her story, and learn more about Teaching English in Sofia, Bulgaria with TESOL Certification.

Teaching English in Nairobi, Kenya: Jobs & Certification

If you are wanting to learn about the culture of Africa,  teaching in Nairobi, Kenya is an ideal destination. The capital city of Nairobi will offer you a truly authentic African experience. While more than 50 languages are spoken throughout the country, English is taught in the school system, and there is always a demand for English teachers.

The vast landscapes and experiences that surround this city cannot be missed. Paying jobs in private schools are available, and offer enough to pay monthly costs of $500. If you live in the more rural parts of this astonishingly beautiful country, costs will be lower, and volunteer opportunities more plentiful. Jen had always dreamed of teaching in Africa, and wrote about her life changing time in Kenya here.

Go Overseas, Explore the Holy Sites in Jordan

In March and April people worldwide observe various holy holidays. They attend services, pray at historic sites, join in religious traditions, and participate in ceremonies. Jordan has various holy sites to explore during this time including Petra, an ancient rock city located in a deep valley. Travelers can also witness the beauty of the Dead Sea. When traveling to Amman, the capital city, remember to explore all the ancient ruins within this thriving metropolis. Learn more about the historical sites of Jordan.

American TESOL offers a way to receive a certification in teaching English so that individuals can teach abroad, and explore awesome places worldwide. Learn more about living and working in Jordan with American TESOL Institute.

Teach Away in Qatar- Jobs, News, & Certification

Doha, one of the safest places in the world, is the capital of Qatar, and the official language is Arabic. Fun things to do in Qatar include visiting the Museum of Islamic Art, and exploring the impressive Pearl-Qatar Island, which is an artificial island spanning over two square miles. Learn more about living and working in Doha with TESOL certification, and about teaching English abroad in Qatar.