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Jobs, News, & Certification to Teach English Abroad in Albania

Tirana is the capital of Albania, and the official language is Albanian. Fun things to do in Albania include visiting the Berat Castle, and exploring the ancient Greek trade colony of Apollonia. Learn about teaching English abroad in Albania; research jobs, news, and country information.

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Top Tips for Teaching Phrasal Verbs and Idioms

One of the most fascinating and fun things about the English language is learning and using idioms. An idiom is a way to express oneself with words where the actual meaning is inferred.  Unlike a figure of speech, which is possible to understand even if you have never heard it before, an idiom is an expression that conveys something different from its literal meaning, and can’t be guessed from the definitions of its individual words.  Idioms are delivered in phrases, which consist of verbs, adverbs, and prepositions. 

Discover top tips to help English language learners express themselves with idioms and phrasal verbs. Learn to be cool as a cucumber when it comes to teaching English, and join us live with Fluency MC for an open and free webinar on idioms and phrasal verbs.

Spotlight on the Environment

Spotlight on the Environment, Renewable Energy in Germany

Vauban, Germany is a newly established and constructed town of 5,000 residents aiming to be eco-friendly. Following the lead of its eco-neighbor, Freiburg, the whole town is a sustainable model district with houses that generate their own energy. The educated and motivated residents compost 80% of their paper products, and participate in proactive waste management.

Residents are rewarded with miles of bike paths, fresh air, and plenty of green spaces to kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of their labors. This is an ideal town to teach English if you want to live in a small city that has been doing it right from the beginning.

Learn more about living and working in Vauban, Germany with TESOL certification.

TESOL Webinars

The Best Way to Play Games in English Class

Join us live with Jason Levine (Fluency MC) to discover Baamboozle, his pick as the best free platform to create and play games with your English students.

Whether you teach young learners or adults, online or in person, Jason will demonstrate how to create your own games, and play games that other teachers have made on the site.